Impression is everything and today’s buyers are savvy and know your competition intimately.  Your representation needs to be trustworthy, confident and experienced.

I offer my clients comprehensive real estate services that are all-encompassing from the initial pre-listing consultation to conveyancing of the property.  I strive to provide service that is unparalleled.


Curious About the Value of Your Home?


Your home is your most valuable asset.  You can easily find an endless number of online home evaluators that will give you an instant valuation of your property.  All you have to do is submit your address and contact information.

Unfortunately, that algorithm can’t smell the cat.

Today more than ever you need to be properly informed.

I will promptly provide you with a detailed market evaluation of your property that includes the relevant market information you need to know in order to make intelligent decisions along with a custom marketing plan that aligns with your individual goals.




Deciding to move is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

My Seller’s Information Guide provides an introduction to the home selling process, costs associated with selling your home or investment and how the conveyancing process works once you have an accepted offer.

You will also find valuable information and tips on how to prepare your home for sale.

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My clients receive my personal attention at each step of the process.
My focus and commitment can make all the difference in a successful experience.